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Paper decorated Easter eggs decorations.

Easter decorations since living in London the past 6 years, I thought it was about time to make them again.
They are quite easy to make and are really great if you have made the whole in the eggs a bit to big when blowing them out, as they will be covered with paper anyway.

What you will need:
Eggs that are blown out and sterilised. Click Here to see how.
sheets of handmade paper
string or thin ribbon
PVA glue, that dries transparent 
and a small brush

Start by looping through the string or ribbon and making a big enough knot for the ribbon not fall out of the top. tip is to use a match in the loop, so the ribbon doesn’t fall out while you are tying the knot.

Tear the paper into small pieces, making sure you don’t have any straight edges. This will make the pieces seem seamless when applying to the egg.
Then just start gluing a piece of paper at a time onto the egg, brushing from the middle of the piece of paper towards the edges of it. Add a little bit of water to the glue if to thick.

Once the whole egg is covered, leave to dry and then add a second layer if needed.

End with brushing on a layer off glue to seal it all in.  

Happy Easter


Advent Calendar

This year I have decided to make personalised advent calendars, for my husband and a friend that has been super helpful to me this year, and that I think could use a little extra christmas spirit this year.
Obviously it would be easier and probably cheeper to go out a by an advent calendar, but I wanted my advent calendars to be personal, not meaning expensive, just taking a bit of time finding out what chocolates they like and what small things they might find interesting or fun.

These are some of the things I found for filling. 

All you need is little brown paper bags, writeable stickers and string. 
Just count out 25 bags, ad a sticker in each corner and number them 1-25. 
Measure out the stings to hang the bags on, making a loop in each end and tie well. Cut out 25 pieces of sting to tie around each bag. 
Then just fill the bags and tie them to the strings.

With presents that are to big for the bags, like the dvd, I wrap it in brown paper and matching string as  the bags, and place them under the advent calendar.

I used 3M Command hooks to hang the advent calendar. Click HERE for more information. 

Happy Hollidays X